The Key to bidding at auction

  • Make sure you get all your inspections done prior to auction day including pest and building that way it gives you ample time to address any concerns you may have.
  • Get your finances in order and all loan approvals in writing that way you can feel confident when bidding at auction as there are no cool off previsions with the auction process.
  • If you are the successful purchaser of a property at auction you will need at 10% deposit on the auction night unless otherwise negotiated prior to auction.
  • Make sure your solicitor or conveyancer has read through the contract thoroughly with you and explained all of the contractual conditions.
  • Make any requests for changes to the contract with the vendor’s solicitor or conveyancer prior to auction day that way you can bid with confidence.
  • Note you must register prior to the auction to be able to bid by showing a form of identification listed below
  • Australian drivers licence, Australian Passport, plus proof of address or Government issued card or document with name and proof of address E.g: Council rates notice, utilities bill etc.
  • Most importantly don’t be shy bid with confidence or get one of our friendly KEY team members to bid with you on your behalf, enjoy the excitement and hopefully you will the one to successfully secure the KEY to your Dream home.

Bidders guide