Key Sales Method

There are a few Sales methods to choose from when selling your home.


Private Treaty (For Sale)

This method of sale is effective as long as you are realistic with market conditions when setting the price for your home.
If the price is set to high it can lead to a prolonged selling period and negative impact on the end result.
Some agents also use a price guide when selling by private treaty.

Public Auction

Auctions are extremely popular in strong market conditions and reduce the timeline that your home is on the market.

Buyers feel a sense of urgency when competing against an auction date this can sometimes led to fantastic offers prior to the auction even if there is only one interested party.

Competitive bidding at auction can also achieve results beyond your expectations as there is no cool off period it sells unconditionally under the hammer.

Sale by tender

This method of sale is more commonly used for larger properties and development sites it allows offers to be submitted in writing before a certain closing date.

At KEY great marketing strategies are used when showcasing your home to the market by Private Treaty which help eliminate the objections that buyers sometimes have in relation to property pricing.

Our Auction process is short and sharp we give your home the exposure necessary to create great competition for auction day.

Each method has its own advantages KEY we will discuss each method with you so you are comfortable with the method you feel suits your needs.