• Choose an agent you feel confident and comfortable with let them show you step by step the strategies they use for maximising a fantastic sales result. Cheaper commissions certainly doesn’t mean greater results you may think you’re saving a few thousand in the beginning but it could cost you tens of thousands in the end.
  • Contact your conveyancer or solicitor to prepare a Contract of Sale for your property, it is law in NSW to have a Contract of Sale available for inspection prior to introducing any potential buyers, Marketing or promoting your property for sale.
  • If your property is tenanted have a chat to your conveyancer or solicitor about the expiry date and termination notice period necessary so that they can acquire a copy of the lease from the agent and attach it to the contract.
  • Talk to council and obtaining any certificates of compliance or building approvals that may be necessary for any works that have been undertaken at your property these may include Pools, Extensions and Carports. If approval wasn’t sort then chat to your solicitor or conveyancer about what may be necessary for you to disclose in your contract.
  • Have any Plans, Surveys, Pest reports, utility costs or other items that may be of interest to a potential buyer on hand to give your agent.
  • Make a list of any extra inclusion you are happy to leave or negotiate for the right price as well as a detailed exclusion list that way all potential buyers are aware of exactly what is staying or going.


The Key to Presenting Your Home For Sale

First impressions really do count it doesn’t have to be costly a few simple techniques could mean the difference between a good sale price and a premium sales price.

Being well prepared is the KEY to a successful sale.

  • Keep lawns and gardens tidy and weed free apply fresh mulch if necessary plant some flowers near your entry for a bright and welcoming feel, keep your doorway at the main entry free from clutter.
  • Clean out your gutters and remove cobwebs from eaves.
  • Open all the blinds and curtains prior to any inspections and turn on the lights a bright home with natural light filtering through has a wonderful ambience.
  • Store any unused items or better still donate them, a home that has been de-cluttered gives the impression that it is spacious.
  • Make any minor repairs Example: fix leaky taps, patch holes, prepare and recoat peeling paint check that windows, doors and fly screens are in working order.
  • Allow your home to shine clean floors and windows keep all housework up to date beds made and dishes done.
  • Keep your pool clear, sparkling, leaf free and inviting.
  • Manage the temperature if possible-cool in summer, warm in winter.
  • Eliminate pet and cigarette odours by using room fresheners
  • Remove your much loved pets to an area where they can’t jump on the client as not everyone is pet tolerant and some clients get concerned when inspecting homes with unfamiliar animals.
  • It is always best to leave the home prior to inspections this way we can ask all the KEY questions of the buyers allowing us to achieve informative information for true feedback.